With Mrreh we will protect your orders when payment is made through us so you can have Greater Peace of Mind. Furthermore, in the event that either Product Quality varies from what you had agreed to, we will immediately act on a resolution to the point of reaching a satisfactory outcome.

We want you to purchase with convenience, security, and Extended Support. Multiple payment methods are supported, including terms, credit-card, bank deposit, e-transfer, and/or cheque, so you have the flexibility in choosing how to pay. We will utilize our latest technology to secure your payment to make sure it gets the products delivered 100% guaranteed.

Even after 14 days upon delivery, if you are not satisfied with the product quality, you may raise a concern for re-calling. We will help you investigate, mediate, and resolve your genuine claim.

We are here to support you through the sample development, production and delivery process and up to 14 days after products are delivered. Upon sample delivery, please do inspect product quality right away to ensure satisfaction.



We do not charge any additional fees for Trade Assurance. 

If we fails to ship on time or the product quality varies from what has been agreed upon, you may apply for refund within 14 days of delivery. We will investigate, mediate, and resolve your claim with an aim to achieving a satisfactory outcome, including refunding the purchase if necessary.