North Stone Investments Inc.
is a Durham region-based
development company.


North Stone Investments Inc. has built a solid reputation for market excellence and a strong heritage of quality and innovative leadership in the construction industry.

North Stone Investments Inc., is a recognized entity, known for its commitment to growth and delivering the absolute best.


Investing in your dreams!

North Stone Investments Incorporated is a Durham region-based development company. Encompassing activities that range from the renovation and designing of properties, to the purchase of raw land, sale of developed land, sourcing properties and obtaining plans and permits.

Our team of construction professionals and project managers cover a broad range of development requirements.

Partner nsi inc.

SJ71 Limited is a real estate development company with a special commitment to innovation and community building. Guided by the vision of entrepreneur MD Tarekh Rana, SJ71 is creating a portfolio of multi-use commercial/residential properties and businesses that are enhancing the urban fabric and diversity of Durham Region.

visit website: www.sj71limited.ca